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Blongo is an open-source Blog Web-App built on the Django Web Framework 2.x with Python3


  • Generation of Atom and RSS feeds
  • Generation of Sitemaps
  • Post View Count
  • Archive List with Yearly and Monthly categorization
  • Tags for post
  • Trix Rich Text Editor For Post Content
  • Thumbnail/Cover Image for Post(supports image compression)
  • Blog Configuration
  • Bootswatch 4 themes (themes based on Bootstrap)

MU-QPapers Bot



  • uses web scraping to fetch Question papers in realtime
  • was developed to get Question Papers easily.
  • uses to get papers “unofficially”. Thanks to them !
  • no endorsements and promotions.
  • below are realtime stats

MU Question Paper Bot



Basecamp’s Trix rich text editor widget for Django. django-trix-fork includes a form widget, a model field, and a model admin mixin that enables the rich text editor.

PyPI version

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  • URL Shortner using Vercel / Zeit-Now ’s Serverless Api and MongoDB


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RaspberryPi Bluetooth Audio Player


  • Bluetooth audio streamer for any audio device using a Raspberry Pi

Academic Transcript Generator

  • A PHP web app to generate Academic Records of Students
  • Tech Stack: Apache Server, PHP-7.x, MySQL(Maria DB), HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap Framework
  • Core Functionality:
    • Getting Students Records, either by manual input or from database
    • Generate output as PDF with specific layout(for Mumbai University)
    • Saving output locally for future reference
    • Listing previously generated Transcripts
    • User Types: 3
      • Administrator/Owner
      • Departmental Staff
      • Exam Cell Representaive
  • Completed, Q1 2019

Modded Paranoid Android 10 quartz


(the website you are currenly on)

  • Uses JAM Stack - Javascript APIs Markup
  • Powered by ▲ Vercel for hosting as-well-as domain management
  • Uses Hugo(theme PaperMod) to render Markdown pages
  • Vercel’s Serverless for APIs and loading badges with image-proxy